Our actual collaborations

The future of public transport

As part of our strategy to continually innovate the public transport domain, we always look for new, possibly radical, transport solutions. We seek ready-made innovative technologies, products or s...

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The first and last mile

Getting to and from a public transportation hub is a barrier for non-frequent users of public transport. In bigger cities, taxis and shared bike schemes are already available at larger hubs. Ideas for...

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Journey to C

Although our services are mostly contracted towards regional and local governments, in the end they succeed or fail by the way they match their customer’s needs. We are very much open to discuss ide...

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The process

Step 1

New application

Simply fill out the application form. This will take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

Step 2


We will evaluate your application and ask, if needed, for more information. We usually respond within 1 week.

Step 3


If we think there is a match, we will plan an online meeting (Skype, Google Hangouts). Usually this happens a few days after qualification.

Step 4


If, based on our online meeting, we find there is  1. a common objective 2. a mutual desire to work together and 3.  a willingness to share risks, then we will invite you to meet in person at our premises. 


What's in it for you?

  Bring your ideas to market

 ✔  Paid pilot

  Benefit from industry experts, mentorship and coaching

  Acess to Transdev customers and distribution channels

  True  collaboration - shared IP and partnership agreements